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a book for vegetarian kids

by Ann Bradley

Illustrations by Elise Huffman ~ Cover by Stephen Kramer

Now in its 5th printing   November, 2019

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This reader friendly, cow friendly and earth friendly book explores the reasons for being a vegetarian and how to cope with non-veg friendly people. In simple and easy to read upbeat language it explains the powerful and positive changes that every vegetarian child makes. Delightfully illustrated.
why I wrote
        cows are vegetarians
When I became a vegetarian I was a grown up and made the decision for myself.  As a mom, I made the decision for my son. I soon realized that being the only vegetarian in his class at school was an experience that my son needed help with. I wrote COWS to help him understand some of the reasons for being vegetarian. I hope you like COWS and will share a copy with friends in case they want to understand why you chose to become vegetarian. ~Ann Bradley

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"This little book is a charmer."Vegetarian Times


"COWS ARE VEGETARIANS! joyously affirms the vegetarian choice for young children. It provides them with reassuring facts about nutrition and describes in some detail the environmental benefits of vegetarianism."
Animal People Magazine


 "(an) upbeat book which is bound to appeal to the good instincts of children." International Society for Animal Rights Report

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just 4 fun

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 Cows are ... _______

Fill in the blank with your suggestion and email it to us.
Here are some responses we've received so far. COWS ARE...

funky, smart, and spunky
beautiful and should be loved by us, not eaten    cowsnot steak

quiet cows are cows happy
not made into a disgusting burger to be left alone helpless   awesome!!  good
Fitter than me!
the nicest animals
I know

not supposed to be eaten by humans
Cows are living things....not beef burgers!

cows are human too

bigger than I am
meant to run free & not be eaten
not food products


        hairy polkadottedfashionplates animals like
Beautiful, sentient beings with big sweet eyes that like to smooch

 wonderful  with much love in their hearts and they love apples!

 zebras without their pajamas on peaceful

not to be killed 

animals with feelings

NOT happy meals

very important

 in life
sweet-smelling creatures who like to be scratched behind their ears!
happy eating grass

cows are supposed to be free not kept in barns to become food
not suppose to be eaten by humans my friend not my food 

We quite agree with all of them!  Thanks  so much for sending them in.

Some have suggested you could use the book as a
Cowloring   Book
   since it is in black and white.  You decide.

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